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“I went to see Dr. Schanz during a difficult phase in my life, and through her guidance, methods, and genuine care, I was able to get better.” — Nada B.

What is Coaching?

Coaching is designed to assist individuals in:

  • Self-development to enhance and enrich life
  • Reaching specific goals
  • Building sustainable habits to support happiness.

Coaching is not medical treatment covered by insurance.

Build unconditional self-acceptance

Coaching with Dr. Anne is always aimed at building unconditional self-acceptance by eliminating fear (aka anxiety/stress). 

  • You are good enough, 
  • You do deserve good things, 
  • You do not have to be a 'people pleaser' to be accepted, 
  • It is ok to set healthy boundaries, 
  • It is actually your duty to take care of yourself, first. 

Anticipatory Fear and Unmet Expectations are the ultimate sources of all behavioral and emotional distress.

The antidote to fear is self-acceptance (love) and faith in your ability to adapt to whatever comes.

You have a 100% track record adapting to all the challenges in your life

Adapting is your superpower!

Learning to have faith in your ability to adapt will be your salvation from fear.

No matter what horrible thing may happen, you’ll figure out how to make it okay.

You always do…

You always will…

You have to. There is no choice.

The Clarity Key Model© is a framework of the mind, useful in identifying hidden fears generating behaviors and emotions that undermine achieving your goals.

As long as such fears remain hidden, they hijack your current efforts to make changes in your life, leaving you confused, frustrated, and self or other blaming.

Do not be discouraged. You can learn how to eliminate these fears and move forward with confidence and courage.

Coaching with The Clarity Key Method©

Dr. Anne’s Clarity Key Method© coaching is based on The Clarity Key Model© and may include classes and Clarity Groups©.

Coaching goals are:

  • To enhance unconditional self-acceptance, the opposite of self doubt.
  • Identify and eliminate fears blocking you from building the satisfying and fulfilling life you crave.
  • To develop strategies and plans to accomplish the changes you want to see.
  • Implement the plans

The Clarity Key Method© redefines how you see yourself, others,  and the world.  By increasing you self -acceptance and self-compassion it helps you become more present in your life, which makes you more successful, satisfied with yourself and your life.

The Coaching Process

Dr. Anne’s coaching process includes five steps:

  1. Introduction session to discuss your background, current struggles, and goals for coaching.
  2. Develop a customized plan to address your specific goals.
  3. Schedule sessions according to your program.
  4.  Implement the program, 
  5. Assess and update the program according to your progress toward your goals.

Coaching Investment

Assessment sessions are $250/hour

One-on-one or couple coaching sessions start at $200/hour

  • Relationship Rescue program: 12 week program, weekly couples sessions with Dr Anne, individual sessions as needed.
  • Anxiety Relief Program: includes: Clarity Key I course (6 weeks), Clarity Group (12 weeks), Anxiety Relief Techniques video course
  • Self Sabotage Program:  includes: Clarity Key I course(6 weeks), Clarity Group (12 weeks)
  • Let Go and Let God Program:  Clarity Key I course (6 weeks), Clarity Group (12 weeks)

Your total coaching investment depends on your individual needs and goals. We will identify an existing program or tailor a custom program to meet your unique needs during your initial session.  Contact Dr. Anne directly to learn more.


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