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“My life has changed drastically since I’ve started seeing Dr. Schanz, but in the best way possible! I’m a much stronger and happier woman now than I was when I first came in to see her.” 

— Sarah Bartel

What is professional counseling?

Professional Counselors are behavioral health providers licensed by the governing board of their state to provide diagnostic and treatment services to citizens of that state. Professional Counseling is designed to diagnose and treat mental illnesses, such as:

  • Major Depression
  • General Anxiety Disorder
  • Social Anxiety Disorder
  • Panic Disorder
  • Bi-Polar Disorder
  • PTSD
  • Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

Health insurance  covers professional counseling services that are medically necessary and included in the insurance contract. 

Dr. Anne is licensed in Texas and offers diagnostic and treatment services in Texas only.  Counselors may not practice outside their state of licensure. 


Fear is the underlying driver of behavioral and emotional problems

Professional counseling with Dr. Anne is always aimed at building unconditional self-acceptance by eliminating fear (aka anxiety).

Fears based on early childhood beliefs or repeated experiences create behavioral and emotional problems. The Clarity Key Method is designed to identify and eliminate fears that are hampering your success today.  You are good enough. You do deserve to have success in your life. You do not have to please everyone to be accepted.  You do not need to be bullied (inner voice or outer) to do what you need to do. 

The ultimate antidote to fear is self-acceptance (love) and faith in your ability to adapt to whatever comes.

You have a 100% track record adapting to all the challenges in your life

Adapting is your superpower!

Learning to have faith in your ability to adapt will be your salvation from fear.

No matter what horrible thing may happen, you’ll figure out how to make it okay.

You always do…

You always will…

You have to. There is no choice.

The Clarity Key Model© is a framework of the mind, designed to identify hidden fears generating behaviors and emotions that undermine achieving your goals.

As long as such fears remain hidden, they hijack your current efforts to make changes in your life, leaving you confused, frustrated, and self or other blaming.

Do not be discouraged. You can learn how to eliminate these fears and move forward with confidence and courage.

Counseling with The Clarity Key Model©

Dr. Anne uses The Clarity Key Model© in her professional counseling to teach specific methods to identify and eliminate blocks to reaching your goals. The model helps you address:

  • Unfounded fears
  • Emotional triggers
  • Judgmental attitudes
  • Fear of conflict
  • Distorted personal and relationship expectations
  • Co-dependence
  • Blaming self and others

The Clarity Key Model helps you learn and practice practical methods to build habits that:

  • Sustain self-care
  • Set and maintain social/work boundaries
  • Help you reach career goals
  • Resolve workplace problems
  • Develop rational financial decision making
  • Enrich relationships
  • Create a happy marriage and relationships
  • Supportive, healthy families

The Professional Counseling Process

First Session. Dr. Anne’s professional counseling process begins with reviewing your new client forms (contact information, client intake form, and limits of confidentiality).

Next, you’ll discuss your specific issues, needs, and goals. Dr. Anne will collect and examine relevant history to help you understand how your issues arose.

While every client has different needs and goals, the professional counseling processes are universal. 

With Dr. Anne’s help, you’ll create a plan to address your current symptoms with research-based anxiety-reducing techniques such as:

  • Specific breathing protocols
  • Relaxation with visualizations, mindfulness, and meditation
  • Emotional Release Tapping (ERT)

Depending on your specific situation, Dr. Anne may offer referrals for evaluation of medical concerns or medication support.

You’ll both agree to a custom counseling plan and work together to:

  • Relieve emotional pain
  • Set healthy boundaries
  • Improve communication
  • Learn to resolve conflict
  • Eliminate behavioral problems
  • Enhance well-being through self-understanding and acceptance

Professional Counseling Investment

Professional counseling, single 60-minute session: $200 – $250.  Your total counseling investment depends on your individual needs and goals. It is estimated using your insurance coverage and/or a sliding scale based on income. Contact Dr. Anne directly to learn more.

 Dr Anne offers group coaching after completing the Clarity Key I course.

Learn more about professional counseling for individuals and couples.


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