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“Dr. Schanz is really great and offers understanding and knowledge from perspectives that I was unable to see until she pointed out a different way of looking at situations.” — Sheri in Waxahachie, TX

 Classes and Programs

Dr. Anne offers several classes or programs to help you move from fearful living to conscious, confident living.

 Classes - Programs 

release trauma

Emotional Release Tapping

 Eliminate your anxiety, phobias (fears), traumatic memories, anger and addictive urges by just gently tapping certain points on your body - in LESS THAN 5 MINUTES!

anxiety, boundaries, fears

Anxiety Relief Program

Learn to relieve symptoms and eliminate the root causes of your anxiety so you can have peace no matter what is happening around you.

boundaries, codependt

Clarity Key Method - Uncover Hidden Beliefs*

Free yourself from limiting beliefs as  you change your life. Build your self esteem and confidence as you set boundaries and free yourself from the critical voice in your head.

boundaries, self esteem, anxiety, codependent

Clarity Key Groups*

 Delve deeper in to the Clarity Key concepts from class. Increase your self confidence to adapt to any change. Experience increase peace and comfort - maybe for the first time.
Minimum 12 week commitment.
*Prerequisite - Clarity Key 1
30 min - Self Paced Course

Unlimited Time to Complete

90 min - Self Paced Course
Unlimited Time to Complete
Live Online
 6 week class - 1.5 hrs
Small group with Dr Anne   
Live Online
12 weeks - 1.5 hrs
Small group with Dr Anne   
*Prerequisite - Clarity Key 1

More Information

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“Her expertise, experience, and guidance have greatly improved my life in all aspects. I have overcome things that I didn't believe were possible. If you're not happy where you are in life, struggle with anxiety, or simply need to vent the crazy of your daily life out, start here with her.” — Chelsea White


anxiety, boundaries, codependent

As a counselor, Dr Anne has specialized in treating Anxiety and Depressive Disorders since 1994. She realized that many people need assistance with assumptions and perspectives that create anxiety, but are not medical problems so she has developed non-medical COACHING programs to address these issues. 
She specializes in developing self-awareness, unconditional self-acceptance, and collaborative communication skills.
Dr. Anne created The Clarity Key MethodTM, based on her proprietary Clarity Key Model©, an incredibly powerful yet simple tool. It identifies your hidden beliefs  that keep you stuck in fear and uncertainty, riddled with self doubt.   Once you recognize these beliefs, you are empowered to change them.
Helping people, just like you, remove the hidden roadblocks to their happiness and create fulfilling lives has been Dr. Anne’s passion and mission for more than 25 years.
Dr. Anne offers classes to assist in building the contented, peaceful life you want. 

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