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“Dr. Schanz is really great and offers understanding and knowledge from perspectives that I was unable to see until she pointed out a different way of looking at situations.” — Sheri in Waxahachie, TX

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Intake Coaching Session

Clarity Key 1 - Uncovering Hidden Beliefs

Clarity Key Group

Anxiety & Trauma Relief Program

Self Transformation Program


1 hour
 1:1 with
Dr Anne

Live Online 

6 week small group class

 Live Online

 small group counseling

(Pre-requisite: Clarity Key 1)


1:1  sessions, Clarity Key I, ERT,  and Clarity Key Group

Anxiety Relief, Clarity Key 1, Clarity Key Group, and 1:1   sessions.




$75/ week for 12-weeks


Starts at $1300

Investment customized to your needs


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“Her expertise, experience, and guidance have greatly improved my life in all aspects. I have overcome things that I didn't believe were possible. If you're not happy where you are in life, struggle with anxiety, or simply need to vent the crazy of your daily life out, start here with her.” — Chelsea White

About Dr. Anne

Dr. Anne Schanz, PhD, is a National Board Certified Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC).

She specializes in developing self-awareness, unconditional self-acceptance, and collaborative communication skills.

Dr. Anne created The Clarity Key Model©, an incredibly powerful yet simple tool. It helps you remove hidden beliefs and fears that keep you stuck and create stress, anxiety, phobias, and depression.

Helping people, just like you, remove the hidden roadblocks to their happiness and create fulfilling lives has been Dr. Anne’s passion and mission for more than 25 years.

Dr. Anne offers coaching, classes, and individual, couples, and group counseling.

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