The Clarity Key Model

clarity key

The Clarity Key© is a model of the dynamics of the mind.  It allows you to figure out what your unconscious (hidden) beliefs and fears are.  As long as your beliefs remain hidden, they set up compulsive behaviors and emotional reactions that undermine your relationships, your perceptions of the world, even how you feel about yourself. Once you become aware of those beliefs, they immediately become CONSCIOUS and subject to your logical evaluation about whether you keep them or not. The compulsions driven by previously unconscious assumptions, dissolve immediately. 

This is a powerful, rapid method to make deep and lasting changes in your mind

which changes the way you experience everything and everyone, including yourself.

The Clarity Key Model

  • End up in the same relationship over and over, no matter how hard you try to change it?  
  • Keep repeating the same behaviors, expecting a different result?
  •  Can't change reactions you want to change?
  • Can't stop doing things you really want to stop?
  • Can’t finish goals you set?
  • Can’t be consistent in efforts to take care of yourself?
  • Can’t set healthy boundaries?
  • Can't do the things you know you need to do to be happy?

 You feel stuck, frustrated, confused, and powerless in life?

We all have two mind parts, conscious and unconscious. The first part we know well, your conscious mind. This is where we spend our time, understanding, making decisions, and learning about the world. Most of us assume this is the only part. However, when we keep doing things, we know we don’t want to do, cannot change reactions and behaviors that we know we want to change, or when we feel extremely frustrated, confused, and powerless, we are experiencing artifacts from our childhood assumptions buried deep in our unconscious mind.

Your Unconscious Mind Is The Source Of Your SELF-SABOTAGE

Expectations- 'too good for me', 'I'm not good enough', 'they will leave me', 'I come last', 'I'm alone'.....
Self-sabotaging patterns make those expectations come true
Destructive relationships
Quitting when goals are near
Painful emotions; fear, anger, anxiety, guilt, shame, depression…

Your unconscious mind is full of rules that operate as rigid commandments. You formed these rules in early childhood, using your toddler-level thinking skills, then you stored them in your unconscious mind where they are used, without your knowledge , as if they are absolute truths . If these toddler commandments are violated, or even threatened, you experience intense anxiety, fear and guilt. You have no idea where this anxiety comes from because you cannot 'see' the rules hidden away from the conscious part of your mind. In short, your life is being controlled by your toddler perceptions of the world!

How Do You Uncover The Toddler Laws Controlling Your Beliefs, Emotions, and Behavior?

The Old Way
The current method used to uncover unconscious beliefs began with Sigmund Freud. It is the long, expensive and unpredictable process of psychoanalysis or psychotherapy. That process requires a large investment of time and money yet the results vary drastically by individual. For some people it works wonders, for others it is not very successful. The monetary expense puts it out of reach for many people. The time required puts it out of reach for many others. Still others are not willing to risk the time and money without knowing it will help them. In short, we really need something more accessible, effective, and efficient to bring our unconscious toddler 'rules' to our conscious awareness, where we can make adult changes.

The New Way
Now, there is another choice! Through my twenty plus years of intense study and clinical practice, I have developed a very different, faster and more effective tool to 'see' into the unconscious mind, Clarity Key Model©.  Using this model, you can derive the unconscious 'rules' governing your expectations, emotions, relationships, patterns and even your critical inner voice, simply by identifying several aspects of what is happening in current situations and plugging them in the model. This model is a simple tool built on the predictable ways in which unconscious 'rules' govern our lives. The Clarity Key© provides a simple framework to analyze your own life situations, so you understand clearly how the beliefs came to be and how those beliefs have built the self defeating patterns in your life. AS SOON AS YOU SEE IT, IT STOPS WORKING AGAINST YOU.

Eliminate Long Term Individual Therapy     
Once you learn to use the model, you can use it on your own, eliminating the need for lengthy, expensive individual therapy. Even more importantly, you can tell if the model is working for you immediately. When your conclusions using this model are correct, you KNOW the truth of the results because it explains your experiences in a whole new light and RESONATES throughout your being. This is usually experienced as pieces of a puzzle suddenly falling into place, making sense of long standing patterns from a completely new perspective. It is an exciting 'ah-ha' moment which will continue to create changes in your understanding of your life indefinitely, with no further effort on your part!

Empower Yourself!
The good news is that once the unconscious rules are exposed, they become conscious so that you can use your adult experience to make rational changes in your life. The simple 'exposure' of the unconscious rules causes the feelings and behaviors to change. Just knowing the rules are there will begin to change everything, even though nothing outside of you has actually changed at all. This is the ultimate empowerment because you finally and fully realize you are no longer waiting for anyone else to change before you can change.

End Blaming
With the understanding you will gain using this model, you will realize that  some of the critical 'rules' governing your reactions have been hidden from you. Once you uncover those rules, you will no longer blame anyone else, because you will understand exactly how and why your life situations have been the way they were. You will begin to have real compassion for yourself and others. You will truly begin to understand that you are not the source of problems in anyone else's life, just as they are not the real source of your own problems.

How Do You Spell Relief?
  C • L • A • R • I •T Y

How Do I Get It?
The course, Clarity Key I: Uncovering hidden triggers, is presented in a group format for important therapeutic reasons. Without the universal experience you observe in other members of the class, the healing. learning is not as powerful, or as complete. In addition, the group format is far more cost effective than individual therapy. Normally, one hour of individual therapy can cost $200+ and require several months of weekly sessions to reach the triggers you uncover in just six weeks in this class! Using the group format the cost for the entire 6 week course is $1200.  This class is presented in a 1½ hour session each week for 6 consecutive weeks. Class size is strictly limited to preserve individual participation.  Many people experience improvements that normally take up to 2 years of traditional individual therapy.

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