Uncovering Hidden Beliefs


“Dr. Schanz has changed my life! Through her clarity key class and individual sessions, she has helped more than I can say.

She's professional, honest, punctual, and great at helping you see things from different perspectives. I have recommended
her to many of my friends, and everyone who has gone to see her still sees her today.”     — Nusia in Carrolton, TX

An end to the negative chatter in your head

All the negative chatter in your head, the negative messages from childhood, and the negative comparisons to others are just habits.

You will learn how to replace negative chatter using techniques from The Clarity Key I course.

An end to undermining yourself

Have you been trying to change some aspect of your life, but you keep undermining yourself?

It’s because a crucial part of your mind full of secret fears is LOCKED and hidden from you.

That hidden part of your mind can override all your opinions, decisions, and emotions and hi-jack your efforts to change.

You are not in charge of anything until you learn to unlock this part of your mind, and deal with the secret fears.

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Clarity Key class demonstrates the Clarity Key Model which is the tool to unlock the secret fears your unconscious mind has hidden from you since your early childhood. While you are unaware of those secret fears and beliefs they are hijacking your life.   The good news is that once you bring them into your awareness, they can no longer compel your  self-sabotaging patterns.  You’ll finally be in charge of your goals, decisions, emotions, and relationships.

In this course, you’ll learn how to use The Clarity Key Model, which is the tool to expose those hidden secrets. As a result of understanding the Model you will see how your triggers work, how to disable them,  where blaming and judgment come from,  what really drives defensiveness and conflict,  understand  how to have constructive, collaborative conversations.  These concepts and powerful techniques  change the way you see yourself and others changing your experience of life.

You’ll experience new paradigms for relationships, conflict, control, responsibility, and handling defensiveness, based on understanding The Clarity Key.

About the Course

The Free Yourself -  Clarity Key  Method is a six-week online course that combines lecture and practice.  It introduces the Clarity Key Model which is the tool to uncover your hidden beliefs and fears.  This weekly small class format allows time to begin assimilating the new perspectives and gain experience using the new methods presented during the class under the direct supervision of Dr. Anne. 

Course Investment

Free Yourself - Clarity Key Method
Is a six (6) week program. 1.5 hours per week

Currently, available Tuesdays (6:30 - 8:00 pm CST).  Check this link for up-to-date class information.

It is best to attend Free Yourself - Clarity Key  alone.  Allow yourself the privacy to explore your hidden beliefs without concern for what anyone might think.  Share later, as you please.  Concern about other's reactions will impede your progress. 

Couples may not attend together.

Once you complete this course, you’ll be eligible to continue your practice using The Clarity Key Model while working on your own issues with Dr. Anne in a weekly Clarity Key Group

A message from Dr. Anne

“Everyone in the class is looking for the same relief you are. So, there's no need to be afraid or embarrassed. Clarity Key 1 class
is a safe place to prove to yourself you are NOT ALONE.  Everyone has similar fears and issues.”
— Dr. Anne


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