Anxiety Relief Program

“I've done individual and group therapy with Anne and found both to be highly effective in unraveling the complicated knots that I've managed to tie in my mind. She is kind, intelligent, and honest, even if it hurts sometimes. I would recommend her  10/10."                                                                                                                                          — Michael Bass

Learn to Trust, Adjust, and Adapt

Begin with the Anxiety Relief  Techniques.  RECORDED CLASS COMING SOON

Emotional Release Tapping classes.  RECORDED CLASS COMING SOON.

Then, Anxiety Relief II:  Stop Sabotaging Yourself..

When you learn to surrender your beliefs about controlling life outcomes, you finally achieve peace and happiness.

Once you learn to trust in your ability to adjust and adapt to whatever comes you will release the anxiety tied to your fears about how life must be for you to be happy. 

By challenging your beliefs as you negotiate your everyday life issues, you reach a deeper understanding of yourself and increase your confidence in your ability to adapt to any change that comes. 

Feel Peace, Comfort, and Safety

You’ll experience increasing peace and comfort. Perhaps for the first time, you’ll feel safe.

With a greater understanding of how your perceptions, beliefs, emotions, and behaviors interact to create the patterns in your life, you will develop a deep level of compassion for yourself.   You’ll see and accept what you can control and what you cannot. 

You’ll become comfortable setting healthy boundaries in all relationships, communicating clearly and kindly what you need and want. 

Once you’ve completed the  Anxiety Relief II:  Stop Sabotaging Yourself© class, you can join a Clarity Key Group©

A Clarity Key Group assists and supports you in your daily application of the new perspectives and paradigms of The Clarity Key Model©While the techniques in the model are simple, new perspectives do take time to assimilate.  If you don’t reinforce new perspectives through practice, it’s easy to fall back into old ways of thinking (habits). 

As the group progresses you will learn about current work in neuroscience, social science, and psychological research.  As you learn how our perceptions, memories, beliefs, awareness, learning, and emotional reactions really work, you will develop a high degree of compassion and tolerance for yourself and others.

You’ll be able to leverage new knowledge and techniques to solidify the peace and happiness gains you’re creating in your life. You can be happy right now. The concepts are simple, but the daily practice is not so easy to do without support. That’s why we recommend you attend a Clarity Key Group.

Clarity Key Group Commitment

Clarity Key Group requires a 12-week initial commitment.  You will be amazed at the progress you can make when you have the benefit of all your experience and the experiences of all the other members of your group.  Clarity Groups provide a place to safely explore your feelings, fears, doubts, trials and errors, and voice your darkest secrets without judgment.  You will know by experience we are all having the same human experience.  No one is better, no one is worse.  We are.

A Message from Dr. Anne 

“This is a fantastic journey! This level of freedom requires deep change, courage, and determination. I look forward to guiding you and sharing in your growing knowledge and happiness.” — Dr. Anne


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