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Here is a sampling of reviews from people who have attended classes and/or received counseling over the years.

"Dr. Schanz cuts right to the chase and displays a real interest in the betterment of her patients. She shows great empathy without crossing the line into granting permission to remain the victim and I've appreciated her candor. Dr. Schanz has really met me where I am and I've seen her do the same for other group members time and time again. I've seen marked improvement in both my personal and professional relationships but most importantly, my relationship with myself has improved. Dr. Schanz's gentle yet direct approach has most assuredly been an integral part in my baby steps from self-hatred to self-awareness and I look forward to following her guidance through to self-acceptance. I've directed many friends and loved ones to Dr. Schanz and will continue to do so!"
- Becca Lamka

"Anne is amazing! The first time I ever talked to a psychotherapist was when I talked to Anne during a challenging time in my life. I thought my years of meditation and training in medicine were enough to help me "figure things out." She helped me through an incredible discovery of habits that dated back many years and unlocked a self-awareness that changed my perspective and way of living. Anne dissects patterns in a way that empowers people to change, without any fear or hesitation. We flowed through a lot of things and ended with several take home points that actually changed my life. I wish I had known Anne sooner!"
- Jordan Shapiro, MD

"I have known Dr Anne Schanz for many years, and each time I see her for help I leave her office feeling great with renewed confidence to tackle my life problems. Her vast knowledge in psychotherapy, her extensive experience in human behavior, and her deep spiritual wisdom combine to make Dr. Schanz a gifted counselor and teacher. My recent BodyTalk experience with her was priceless and truly a miracle! I very much have appreciated learning how to tap the gamut spots in order to balance my emotional intensity. In the near future, I am looking forward to attending her unique Radical Self Acceptance classes which I know will help me on my life journey to be the best I can be! Thank you, Dr. Schanz, for all you have done for me! I am blessed to have you in my life!"

- Diana Benitez

"I have been a patient of Anne's since 1995 when at 25 I entered he office very confused and lost. I knew "something" was wrong, I just didn't know what it was or where to even begin looking. Her professionalism, dedication and insight are outstanding. I cant count how many times I went to see her not having an idea of what I was going to talk to her about (so I thought) but being in distress only to leave her office an hour later feeling enlightened and full of new direction.

Anne has assisted me and my family with many transformations through the 15+ years I have seen her and I have referred many people to her who have also had excellent results. I can't recommend her highly enough! Her expertise and ability to assist one through the journey to healing is a true gift. If you want to find a way to be happier in life and to remove obstacles that are holding you down from succeeding in your personal and professional life, Anne Schanz is the professional to go to. Her successes are time proven and the tools she helps you acquire become invaluable in making YOU the builder of your own happiness and success. In looking for the right words to endorse Anne, the only ones that come close to doing her abilities as a person and practitioner justice are, Anne helped me get my life back and I am the happiest I have ever been because of her care and her training. She trained me how to take care of me by teaching me how to recognize obstacles, ways to adjust my perceptions and other invaluable strategies. I now know how to lead myself out of destructive situations, and when I need a booster session - she is always there!"

- Elke Rosenfeldt Brautigam

"I met Anne through my now wife. When we first went to her, my wife and I were engaged. To put that in a bit more perspective, that was 20 years ago! Anne has been a solid presence in both me and my wife's lives...both as a couple and individually...over that entire timespan. We have gone to her with what we felt were some of the most complicated challenges in our lives and Anne made the solutions all sound so simple (career, personal, etc.). The reason is...the solutions are usually's just that we get in the way of ourselves most times. Anne is someone I would recommend to ANYONE...and trust me...I have. Her techniques are simple and she always has great insight on how to work on correcting whatever the issue may be. She offers many additional programs as well to help individuals get over areas in their lives that may be holding them back. Anne is wonderful and will continue to be a huge part of me and my family's lives."

- Kevin Brautigam

" Seeking knowledgeable, experienced and wise medical doctors is a common practice and in my opinion it is equally if not more important to find a skilled psychologist. My life greatly improved with Anne's help as her sessions gave me the right perspectives so I could live a healthier life by setting appropriate boundaries. I learned many valuable life lessons that without her knowledge it would have taken me years to learn if I learned at all. Her knowledge of the real world as a mother, grandmother, daughter, wife and manager in the corporate world coupled with her education gives her a balanced insight. I highly recommend Anne if you're looking for someone that is not judgmental and truly cares about her clients."

- Shawna Yant

"I have known Anne for 12 years and benefited from her skills in both individual crisis counseling situations and seminars. She is a gently fearless counselor who seeks out root issues with penetrating intuition and focused attention. Her seminars are focused and penetrating. The presented information is practical and transformative in life situations and her support of clients after seminars is creative and ongoing. Anne 'walks the walk' she teaches. She is a genuine professional in her business practices and one I have come to trust will give her best effort every time. She inspires and facilitates growth in every part of her work and I recommend her without reservation. "

- Peter Schindler

"I took The Clarity Key/Radical Self Acceptance course from Anne and it was amazing. Truly life-changing. I have also met with Anne one-on-one a few times and her perspective and clarity are just what I needed."

- Shanon Buffington

Anne has helped me off and on with problems for the last 18 years. Whenever I needed an outside person to help me sort out the issue, she has always been helpful with clear and concise counseling."

- Alexia Milner

"I have come to know Dr. Schanz through a variety of means: seminars taken as an integral part of an educational course, workshops and classes for personal development, and intimately as a trusted counselor and therapist. Her abilities to ask the right questions and see circumstances from various perspectives, her fierce intelligence and logic, combined with deep compassion make her an exceptional advisory, healer, and psychotherapist. She also has such an amazing repertoire of techniques and mind-body modalities that she can hold the whole person in a supportive, curative, enlightening manner to allow the client to make internal, transformative progress. I am so grateful that she has become for me a significant confidante and counselor."

"I met Dr Anne a few years ago. I have attended her Radical Self Acceptance classes, Bodytalk sessions and individual counseling. My life has dramatically chanced with her support, direction and compassion. She has been key through my journey of healing from tragedy, difficult relationships and my personal growth in self worth. I've never met another professional who can identify with your key issues and help you develop an understanding of why they impact your life so negatively. From there she guides you in healing and finding peace. She's remarkable. She's a gift to me."

- Trish Touchstone

I first met Dr. Schanz as a client for counseling. She helped me find my way through a difficult time in my personal and professional life, and I have emerged a better, more aware person with her guidance. I've taken a couple of her classes, such as Radical Self-Acceptance and the Clarity Key, which have also opened my eyes and heart to where I fit in the grand scheme of things. I'd definitely recommend her classes and her professional counseling services.

- Laura Piper

"I had the opportunity to participate in a four week series class with Anne several years ago. I found the program extremely useful in learning about specific patterns of my behavior. I learned practical and beneficial ways to observe certain patterns of behavior and easily make changes. I find Anne to be a very talented and gifted teacher and therapist. She's very knowledgeable, supportive and kind. . And her solutions are easy to implement."

- Kendall Inman

"Dr. Anne is amazingly talented... She draws from various sources of knowledge (not just one approach, like many therapists) and was able to help me transform life-long patterns and issues in a relatively short period of time with her effective yet compassionate approach. I would highly recommend Dr. Anne to anyone dealing with any life issues - or anyone who wants to build their ideal life by getting the mind's roadblocks out of the way!"

- Kelly Hoffman

"Dr. Anne Schanz is a sensitive and perceptive person with deep insight and the ability of get to the cause of the issue. She approaches her work with significant knowledge combined with the wisdom and compassion her heart. She has the experience and strength of character to take on the tough problems with a healthy positive approach. Her work is excellent and I would highly recommend her!"

- Sally Page

"I got referral to Dr. Anne from my family member and the transformation that I was able to make in my life in a such a short period of time is so significant and effective! If you don't want to spend a years on resolving your problems or founding the answers on your questions I recommend to start to see Dr. Anne. Very powerful and effective sessions!"

- Olga Ailshie

"Patient, calming, understanding, but gave good direction / thoughtful. Helped me talk through a setback in my life which had me upset at the time, but also she was good just to consult with about decisions and maintenence to a healthy mind / body. I was given her information from a freind, and have recommended her to others already."

- Tom Setaro

"I've been a patient of Anne's for a little over 2 years now. I see her intermittently throughout the year. Each time is like no time has past I never have to rehash or remind her of what's we've talked about. She is a wonderful listener and very easy to talk to. Her classes are wonderful as well! Highly recommend Anne's practice. "

- Shelby Guild

"I met Anne during a yoga teacher training. We had multiple group sessions centered around a journey to self discovery. She has amazing insight and was able to help me discover unconscious beliefs I held that I did not know were there. She is accepting and not judgmental. Those sessions changed my life for the better."

- Kelly Crowson

"Dr. Anne Schanz is truly an amazing, intuitive individual. She helped me see and understand my relationship at the time from a different perspective that ultimately helped me make and stick to, life changing decisions. I highly recommend her services and I truly appreciate her for the person she is."

- Julio Davila

"Dr. Anne Schanz is a masterful teacher, educator and facilitator of change. Anne has a wide array of tools and methods she uses to help her clients move forward in body, mind and spirit so she goes way beyond talk therapy. She has a compassionate heart and is always there for her clients."

- Betty Murray

"I took a body/mind type of workshop from Anne several years ago while on my journey to learn more about the body/mind's ability to heal itself. I enjoyed the workshop and Anne's warm and giving heart. What helped me the most was her open-mindedness and patience. She is a wonderful teacher!"

- Tracye Eppler, MHt

One of the easiest people to talk with I've ever met. Completely non-judgemental. She has seen it all and isn't surprised by anything. A wonderfully talented counselor to work with in both an individual capacity as well as especially in a group situation."

- Mike Shanley

Anne helped me have a breakthrough in the way that I fundamentally viewed relationships. Since then I've been able to speak up for myself in ways that I never even knew too before!"

- Larue Eppler
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