Live a life filled with sustainable happiness and self-acceptance


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Identify hidden fears that trigger behaviors and emotions that keep you stuck

Live a life filled with happiness and self-acceptance. Dr. Anne Schanz, PhD, LPC, the creator of The Clarity Key Method©, offers classes, coaching, and professional counseling to gently guide you to a place of healing.

Since 1994, Dr. Anne has provided practical, interactive, and results-focused counsel to people just like you. She brings her full life experience and many years of formal training to all of her services.  

Reach your full potential and achieve sustainable happiness by developing your self-awareness, unconditional self-acceptance, and collaborative communication skills.

With more than 25 years of experience, Dr. Anne has helped clients suffering from:

anxiety, low self-esteem, stress, depression, destructive relationships and patterns, self-destructive behaviors, conflict, anger, worry, guilt, and much more.

No matter your source of your distress, Dr. Anne’s goal is to remove the source and not just manage its symptoms!

I would highly recommend her to my closest friends and relatives that might be experiencing troubled times. She is a miracle worker! — Dayna Carter

She’s honest, understanding and I’ve always felt comfortable talking to her since day one. I highly recommend Dr. Anne Schanz! — Sarah Bartel

She is a sensitive listener, a fearless investigator, and a deeply committed therapist. I recommend her without reservation to prospective clients. — Peter Schindler






You can be happy and at peace no matter what is happening around you.

You don't have to wait for others (or your world) to change to feel better about yourself.

Learn to relax and be fully present in your life with Dr. Anne. Many others have done it, and so can you

Your self-acceptance is the foundation of your happiness. Together we’ll change your perspective about yourself. We’ll identify the hidden beliefs that hold you back from reaching your full potential.

Recently, I joined her Clarity Key class, and it's been a wonderful experience. From day 1, our group got along well, and we've all grown closer since. It's nice knowing that you are not alone! — Sarah in Plano, TX

Dr. Schanz is, quite simply, brilliant. Whether serving as a life coach or therapist, she’s a powerful catalyst for empowerment. One of the very best. Intuitive and rational. A rare gem. — Anonymous


Talking to her was the only thing that kept me going. I looked forward to our meetings, and she helped me tremendously in understanding and managing my issues. — Sohini Sarkar


The key to your happiness is to live consciously and mindfully in the present!

At the bottom of all your struggle and emotional pain is FEAR.

Fears manifest as feelings of stress and anxiety. Look into, and under, any stress or anxiety, and the fear becomes obvious.

Simple probes into fear expose beliefs about what is (or isn’t) going to happen, along with conclusions about how horrible that is… or has been… or will be.

When you understand that the past is the past and your future isn’t yet written, your fears stop controlling you.   You’re able to change your perspective.

And your fears (and associated stress, anxiety, phobias, and depression) will go away.

Life is so much better when you take the stress and anxiety down a few notches!

Dr. Anne’s classes, coaching, and professional counseling are based on The Clarity Key Model©. This incredibly powerful yet simple tool helps you remove hidden beliefs and fears that keep you stuck and create stress, anxiety, self destructive behaviors, and depression.

Join the hundreds of others who have learned how to love life again.



Help during COVID-19

You are NOT alone, even though it may feel like it.

COVID-19 has had an  various impacts on us all. And it comes in waves, both short and long. Lonliness and difficulties getting back into 'in-person'  life are very common.  

If you’re feeling down (or REALLY down), exhausted, anxious, fearful, depressed, hopeless, sad, irritable, angry… please know you’re not “going crazy.”

 Overeating, drinking, or other substance abuse are also reactions to the extreme changes we've all  been going through during this pandemic. This new level of uncertainty  creates  fear that can be deadly.  Let us help you.

The other epidemic in the US today is extreme stress and anxiety… leading to an unprecedented mental health crisis. We have the tools to help you.  


Dr Anne

What’s it like to work with Dr. Anne?

“The most robust predictor of therapy success is the rapport between client and therapist.”  The same is true with coaching. You must relate well to your provider to create the trust required to make big changes. 

— Dr. Anne Schanz

Counteracting Anxiety and Building Self-Acceptance

Classes, coaching, and professional counseling with Dr. Anne is always aimed at building unconditional self-acceptance by eliminating fear (aka anxiety).

At the source of all behavioral and emotional problems lies fear. The antidote to fear is self-acceptance (love), with faith in your ability to adapt to whatever comes.

Adapting is your superpower!

You have a 100% track record of adapting to all the challenges in your life.

Learning to have faith in your adaptability will be your salvation from fear. No matter what horrible thing may happen, you’ll figure out how to make it okay. You always do… you always will!

Do not be discouraged. You can learn how to eliminate these fears and move forward with confidence and courage.



Praise from Dr. Anne’s clients

Dr. Anne’s clients describe her as calm, caring, compassionate, genuine, patient, competent, and trusted.

She has a calming way about her while still pushing me to understand what got me there in the first place.
— Ronja B. in Flower Mound, TX

Her genuine caring is felt the moment you meet her. I thank God every day for sending such a healer and Angel in my life!
— Tina in Plano, TX

She is compassionate, wise, and real. I believe these traits to be invaluable assets in a Therapist. — Shelby G.


Take the first step

Take the first step to getting unstuck and living a life filled with happiness and self-acceptance.

“My clients are an inspiration to me. I admire the courage of my clients to navigate truly challenging circumstances.” — Dr. Anne 

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