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 Complete Self-Transformation Program

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The Self-Transformation Program is designed to take you on a journey of self discovery and renewal that will result in peace and happiness in your life.

Phase one:

First, we focus on your immediate needs, like  stress, anxiety, depression, overwhelm, trauma, problems with relationship, family, work, parenting etc, until you are feeling stable.  This phase can include individual and/or couples counseling, referral for medical assessment, and taking the Stress/Anxiety Symptom Relief class with the accountability group.

Phase two:

Once you are feeling stabilized, we begin to go deeper into the actual causes of the painful patterns in your life. During this phase, you will learn techniques to eliminate self defeating triggers and patterns at the root of your distress. This phase will include your introduction to the Clarity Key method in the Eliminate Sabotaging Beliefs or Clarity Key I: Uncovering Hidden Beliefs class.

Phase Three:

At this point, you are ready to replace the old, unhealthy patterns with healthy patterns of living. We will focus on understanding what is and what is NOT your responsibility, setting and maintaining healthy boundaries, how to forgive and let go, how to apologize and move on.  In this phase you will join a Clarity Group to work on implementing the new perspectives and paradigms working on your issues in your life.

Phase four:

During the final phase we will focus on neuroscience, social science and psychological research results that show us how our perceptions, memories, beliefs, awareness, learning and emotional reactions really work. You will be able to leverage that knowledge to create peace and happiness in your life.  This phase includes the Letting Go: Trust yourself or Clarity Key II: Trustful Surrender class,

How long will it take?

The whole program time varies by person of course.  How much time you have to put in, how quickly your feel ready to move to the next phase or the next class. Your willingness to participate in the Clarity Group will stronly affect the depth of the transformation you achieve. Going to the classes alone will create huge changes by improving your self-respect, your ability to disarm your triggers and your ability to set healthy boundaries, but the deepest changes have been achieved by those who attended the group also.

If you attend the classes alone, they can be completed in a couple months, depending on the availabiltiy of the Clarity Key II course (currently offered twice a year).  For the full value of the program, including the Clarity Group,  it will most likely take at least six monthes to a year.

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