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About Dr. Anne

        Dr. Anne Schanz, PhD is a National Board Certified Licensed Professional Counselor specializing in individual, couples and group therapy,  which she provides through her private practice in Plano, TX.  Dr Schanz  offers powerful, affordable classes and workshops to facilitate self-acceptance, enhance relationships, improve communication and resolve conflicts. Her classes are presented at regular intervals locally and are available for presentation at other locations (please contact Dr. Anne for more information). 

She has lived and worked in North Dallas since 1974 where she has acquired extensive experience as an edcucator, business professional and therapist.  This unique combination of work experience allows her to assist her clients with their issues in the workplace and their personal lives. Her life experience includes being a wife, mother, divorcee, single mother, step mother, grandmother, and now, widow.  It has been through her own search for health and happiness that Dr Anne has encountered many complementary methodologies and techniques which she has mastered and incorporated for use with her clients. 

Dr Anne brings her full life experience as well as her many years of formal training to her counseling sessions and her classes, where she provides practical, interactive and solution focused counsel to her clients.  She specializes in developing self-awareness, unconditional self-acceptance, and collaborative communication skills to allow her clients to reach their full potential and achieve sustainable happiness in the real world.  Among her areas of expertise are relief of anxiety disorders, depression, trauma, substance abuse recovery, and relationship rescue.

The culmination of Dr Anne's extensive and wide-ranging studies is her Clarity Key Method© of transforming fearful living to conscious, present living.  There are 3 components to this transformation.  If you suffer from anxiety and stress, the first step is to learn research-based techniques to conquer your symptoms.  The next step is to learn the  Clarity Key© Model which  makes it possible to derive the unconscious beliefs that are causing your self-sabotaging, counter-productive, and reactive behaviors and emotions in the first place. Learning to use her model is the fastest and simplest way to change your self-defeating patterns of behavior and emotion.  The final step is to join a Clarity Group to learn to apply the Clarity Key Method concepts to your life.  She presents classes to relieve anxiety symptoms and understand and use the model every month. 

Education:   PhD University of North Texas,
                      MEd University of North Texas, 
                      BS  University of Kansas

  TX license 12536

Certifications:  NBCC 34384, National Board for Counselor Certification
                           Thought Field Therapy, Callahan Techiniques
                            BodyTalk, International BodyTalk Association
                            Past Life Regression,  Brian Weiss Inst
Hypnosis, Texas Hypnosis Institute

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